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Балкан Гасови

балкан гасови лого

Адреса: Маршал Тито Бр.131,Богданци
Телефон: +389 34 223 601

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The story of “Balkan Gasovi”, for almost a decade is created with a lot of effort, knowledge, experience and vision, with a team of highly motivated, loyal and capable individuals, remarkably well trained and respected. Balkan Gasovi  with its performance is among the largest producers of small gas cylinders at the regional (national) level with production of over million gas cylinders per year.

For the Balkan Gasovi, people are always in the first place: consumers, customers, employees, partners, citizens. Our customers are at the center of our attention because through them our brand finds its way to every home in Macedonia and other regions and enjoy the quality of what we create.

Balkan Gasovi is a modern and dynamic company that successfully deals with the challenges of the Macedonian market and other region. Our challenge and goal is to bring comfort and comfort to your homes with simple and modern solutions. We constantly monitor global trends and new technological solutions and at any moment we are ready to respond to your wishes and needs. Our team strives to transform your needs into functional and simple solutions. We offer a superior product with distinctive features as well as favorable prices for our customers. Our company can be said to have earned its reputation as a reliable and serious producer of gas cylinders, a company that goes into a growing line on the Macedonian market and beyond.

Successes are worthwhile only if they are shared. For  “Balkan Gasovi” the value is not only in its business circle, but also in the society as a whole. Balkan Gasovi is a company that builds strong and positive relations with the community and invests time and resources in supporting social values as a whole.



Балкан Гасови