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Адреса: Индустриска б.б.
Телефон: 043 363908



“DUKI DASO” following the fashion trend with the experienced working team managed to get to the top in its area as producer of bags and sales of other fashion accessories. By joining top design and quality, as well as satisfying the needs of the consumers, they managed to create recognizable products which are true love of a woman. Today DUKI DASO successfully keeps its competitive position both on the domestic and foreign markets, which is due to the quality of the products, and the proof of that is the wide demand for the products. This company is more export oriented where 60% from the trade turnover is realized by export and 40% from the domestic market. About the foreign market this brand is present in Serbia, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and Hungary. The market of the fashion industry has been very competitive over the years and only quality offered by the best remained on top. By owning the best characteristics and providing quality products on the market in Macedonia and abroad, DUKI DASO is included in the range of the most innovative companies in
its industry. The main priority of DUKI DASO is the pleasure of the final consumer, through continuous investment in equipment for production of bags which have been offered with highest quality and safety in their exploitation. Today DUKI DASO successfully maintains its competitive position both on the domestic and
the foreign market.

From the very beginning, this company has been focused towards satisfying the needs of every modern woman and girl. The company DUKI DASO started work in 2006, which means that it has been present on the Macedonian market and the foreign market for 10 years with wish and vision for sales of female bags, jewelry and other fashion accessories. With continuous work and introduction of new products the assortment has been widened, which at the beginning was comprised by only two products, today the whole assortment counts 15 products such as:
bags, jewelry, purses, scarves, watches, hair decorations, belts, bathing suits, hats, beach bags, wraps, umbrellas, suitcases, male collection and other accessories. The development was going in stages, depending on the needs and opportunities, but the biggest enlargement was accomplished in 2012 when the first branded shops were opened in towns in Macedonia. After that representatives were opened in Serbia, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Hungary, while not for a moment neglecting its quality and maintaining the recognizability of the brand.

“Always something new” is the motto according to which the team in DUKI DASO works. The biggest achievement in the private sector is the opening of 50 shops all over Macedonia and 10 abroad and creating and maintaining the company to work successfully in the competitive fashion industry. The foundation of the success of the company is the long – term policy of investment in development and introducing the exactly needed fashion pieces which are a woman’s favorite. Behind every successful story there is a successful team. That is why the DUKI DASO team constantly follows fashion trends in this area and successfully accomplishes them. The analyses and testing from the Technological – Metallurgical Faculty Skopje are quality guarantee of the artificial leather which allows DUKI DASO to be the wanted brand all over Macedonia and abroad. DUKI DASO is the only company in its branch chosen for Super brand by the global Superbrands organization.

“The consumer“ is in first place in what we make and create. Under the brand DUKI DASO there are more than 15 products. – Production of bags is realized by using certified high quality materials and metals by which we get a product which is wanted by the consumers. If you want to look great where ever you go, it is impossible without a modern and quality bag. No matter if it is a big bag, a small bag, with long handle for over the shoulder or simply an evening clutch, with one or more compartments, multi colored, with fur, leather, pastel or classic colour.
– Jewelry is also made by quality materials, such as: pearls, crystals, beads, zircons etc. Women with style know that the jewelry is crown of every fashion combination, fashion detail and civilization phenomenon, language which speaks for it self…
– Scarves – we can combine them with whatever we want and be always modern.
– Watches have always been piece which can fit in its style. Inevitable fashion accessory, with classic, sports, elegant and sophisticated style.
– Models of swimwear which fit different types of girls are combined with beach bags, wraps and hats. Mix of light colours of the swimwear and wraps which will make you feel great on the beach.
– Hair decorations definitely crown every summer with combination of
different colour flowers.
– For the contemporary men who want to look modern DUKI DASO offers an
assortment of male collection. Super trend which you can use and with the help of your imagination to create combination by which you will be recognizable. By wearing a bow tie, belt, bag, tie, watch and wallet, you will always look elegant, no matter which model you will choose.

The company DUKI DASO in 2015 started with production of bags, scarves and wraps where in the process of production of the products there is a professional team of designers, and in the realization professional team of tailors which are masters of their craft. At the moment the company is in process of designing a new building which will be for production and expansion of its own capacities. The result of the success is due to the professional staff, continuous supply of high quality raw materials and technology. Risk taking and the permanent need of what is quality and valuable is the development of a company.