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ЕЛМОТЕРМ Коста ДООЕЛ Гевгелија


Адреса: ул. Коста Рацин бр.12


The Elmoterm and Kodi-2000 Group was founded in 1988, thanks to the insight and entrepreneur skills of the founder Kosta Gacev. Nowadays, the Group successfully operates in the timber industry, building materials and wooden houses in joint venture with Ecomoment. The Elmoterm and Kodi-2000 Group is a leading company in the production of semi-finished and final products with capacity of 10 000 m3 made of the highest quality from eight types of wood from the Balkan region. Today, the Group is composed of six sawmills in two countries, producing a wide range of planks, boards, beams, slats, easels, skirting boards, wood flooring, wooden facades, laminated beams, different wooden packaging, stairs and different kinds of wooden furniture. In this sector, the Group is gaining constant and growing success in the Balkan area. Moreover, the Group is not only interested in keeping up with technological development: its commitment to environmental protection led to an outstanding result in recent years holding above 1000Ha of forest under concession, maintaining the forest and planting trees. The success of the Elmoterm and Kodi-2000 Group is due to a permanent focus on new ideas and constant investments in production plants in order to keep updated in developing new products.